Get Pedalling on an Amsterdam Cycling Holiday

Cycling holidays offer a cheap way of seeing some of the world’s top destinations while also keeping you fit.

There are several hotspots that are very suited to such holidays – but one of the most desireble has to be Amsterdam.

The city is home to 400km of cycling paths and its 750,000 residents own 650,000 bikes between them.

With Amsterdam also featuring roads and streets that are particularly great for cyclists and pedestrians as opposed to cars and other motor traffic, taking a cycling holiday in the city will likely be a supreme experience.

Get on your bike

There are lots of places to rent bikes from in Amsterdam, including the Dam, the Central Station and the Leidseplein.

You can get many different varieties of bicycle in close correlation with what you need to do while in the city, along with mopeds and scooters for longer journeys in and around Amsterdam.

It costs about EUR8 a day to rent a bike, making it an cheap different to getting on public transport or hiring a car to see the capital of the Netherlands.

Two-wheeled tourism

There are a number of options for holidaymakers hiring a bike in Amsterdam when it comes to sightseeing.

If you’re unsure about going out on your own, you could take a cycling tour with one of the multiple companies that offer such packages.

These tours are led by experts and offer you the chance to meet others like yourself who are keen to see Amsterdam from its cycling paths.

if you really need to explore by yourself, there is plenty to see and do.

Some of the most popular sights include the Anne Frank House and Dam Square, which is flanked on three sides by the National Monument to World War II victims, the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and the impressive Royal Palace.

you might also need to go shopping on Kalverstraat and in the 9 Streets district or take in attractions such as the Artis zoo and the Amsterdam Dungeon.

If you get lost, it is more than likely that the friendly locals – who will likely be on bikes themselves – will be able to aid you find your way back to your Amsterdam hostel or hotel.


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