Discover a Cultural Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a large, divine city with an unusual yet effective array of architecture and very friendly residents. Although Amsterdam may have accumulated a reputation for its wild party-scene, this only makes up a little section of the Dutch capital; the rest is Amsterdam is a stunning collection of museums, art galleries and other cultural attractions that create a trip to Amsterdam memorable.

Of all the different museums and galleries to see around Amsterdam, one of the most interesting and certainly one of the most unique is the Van Gogh Museum. This museum is home to more than 200 of Van Gogh’s paintings along with containing more than 500 of his sketches. As the biggest Van Gogh collection in the world, the museum is an art lover’s paradise.

Also located in Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum or state museum. The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in Amsterdam and indeed the Netherlands. Attracting more than a million visitors per year – both from Amsterdam and abroad – the Rijksmuseum is an fully popular attraction in Amsterdam, made famous by its ‘Masterpieces Exhibition’. This exhibition features some of the most common knowledge pieces of Dutch apart from a period know as the Golden Age of the Netherlands, an important included in Dutch cultural history.

If museums and art galleries don’t interest you, why not check out some of Amsterdam’s famous canals? The city centre is a collection of canal rings, and walking along them enables one to explore the city in a more peaceful and relaxed manner to pushing your way through its busy streets.

there is one other way to explore Amsterdam, and one that the city is common knowledge for, and that is on a bicycle. Finding a bicycle to rent is never a problem as there are copious bike hire shops around the city and a number of government-run schemes which allow you to hire a bike almost anywhere in the city and leave it in a exceptionally different location when you’re finished.

Whichever way you choose to discover Amsterdam, by foot or by bike, it’s always worth having a look at the Dam Square. The dam square is located in the rather centre of Amsterdam and has been situated at the rather centre of Amsterdam’s history for many centuries.

It was for example the reception area of Napoleon during the 1808 take-over of Amsterdam. Dam Square is also the location of Nieuwe Kerk, a 15th century church that has been the location of many royal coronations and weddings and is today a popular exhibition space with regular displays showing elements of Dutch culture and history.

On a trip to Amsterdam the problem is not so much finding exciting, interesting things to do in the city, but finding the time to fit them all in. When researching how to spend your day it is a good concept to speak to a tourist office or the concierge of one of the hotels in Amsterdam to see what they recommend as the best of what Amsterdam has to offer.


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