Amsterdam – A Historic, Cultural and Fun Visit

Amsterdam was founded in the thirteenth century. it started as a little fishing village in the Amstel River. The little village grew rapidly and is nowadays the largest city of The Netherlands. There are only a few medieval buildings left to see and visit: the Oude Kerk, Houten Huis and Nieuwe Kerk. The Oude Kerk (Old Church) has a typical octagonal bell tower and around the charming building little houses stick to its sides.

History of Amsterdam

The city centre of Amsterdam is known for its fascinating old houses and the majority of them date from the eighteenth century. There are also a few efficient buildings that remain from the Golden Age (1585-1672). This period was the most desireble money-making moment for this trading city. Visit the Zuiderkerk, the Westerkerk and the Royal Palace on Damplein as the most important buildings from that period. But also the many nice canal houses like the Poppenhuis (Doll House), the Huis met de Hoofden (House with the heads), the Gecroonde Raep (the Crowned Turnip) and De Dolfijn (the Dolphin) are worth a visit.

Venice of the North

Amsterdam has winding canals and nearly 1.300 criss-crossing them. Singel, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Prinsengracht are the most important canals in the city centre. the strongest way to explore them is by taking a canal boat. Another option is renting a bike and cycle enjoying your ride on the cobbled streets along the canals. Between the main canals and the Amstel River there are many smaller canals to be discovered. be sure to explore Leliegracht, Bloemgracht and Brouwersgracht with their typical Amsterdam houses.

well known Art Collections

Apart from the canals and lovely buildings, you’ll find some of the world’s greatest art collections. The Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum are the most much talked about museums in Amsterdam and located not far from one another. Not much talked about yet, but worth well a visit is the biggest photography museum Foam.

Liberal and Dynamic Culture

lots of tourist knows Amsterdam for the cannabis and legalized prostitution. Of course the nightlife of Amsterdam is an incredibly diverse and dynamic. The most vibrate parts of town are Rembrandtplein with pubs, restaurants, cafés and hotels. At and around Leidseplein you will find coffeeshops and cinemas, but also traditional ‘brown’ bars and the best stages. The picturesque Jordaan is famous for its Dutch pubs with real Dutch music, the Negen Straatjes (nine Streets) is best for shopping and of course the lively Red Light District.


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