Increase Web Site Traffic With These Proven Methods

To increase web presence traffic to your website, there are lots of methods that have proven to be very effectual. Some of them are no cost, some of them are low cost and some can be very costly. All webmasters should know that you don’t stand a chance of your web portal being seen unless you are using several of these techniques. Targeted traffic is the life of any website or e-commerce business. You can increase web site traffic by using a variety of tactics, tools, and resources listed here.

No Cost Techniques

1. Optimizing your web site by using on-page and off-page optimization techniques. Using your selected keyword phrase or phrases in your meta tags and as the title of your page using h1 tags. If at all possible use a PHP or other wording note to rotate through several different tags. Place your keyword phrase throughout the body of your article. It also helps to have your keyword phrase appear near the end of the page. These techniques will aid to increase your web traffic by boosting search engine results.

web sites with top 10 rankings can get thousands of visitors per month. Using simple math, if your site ranked #1 for 20 keyword phrases that each received 20 visitors per day. That is a possible 12,000 visitors per month.

2. Allow visitors to Bookmark your web portal. Many webmasters lose to use this simple option. Make it available on every page and always include a favicon with color to make your site stand out in your visitor’s list of sites.

3. Add a blog – Giving your visitors a place to interact. Postings should be placed in specific categories and monitored since you really wouldn’t like someone posting inappropriate or illegal content. What a fantastic way to get new, fresh, free, unique content for your web presence.

4. Increase web site traffic by writing content items based on the keywords that you want your site to rank for. Well written keyword articles don’t have to be perfect. They just have to be well written with useful information for the reader. The concept here is that an article may be posted to many article sites and webmasters who want new content for their websites will put your article on their website containing your resource box. This in turn will give you a one-way link back to your web site. The search engines love one-way links.

5. Providing RSS Feeds is an easy way to make your web presence’s content available for others. RSS Feeds come in multiple forms and if possible you must provide more than one form of RSS feed. These too will be an superb source of one-way links to your web presence.

6. Banner Exchanges can be very efficient at getting targeted web traffic to your websites. Look for ratios of 1:1 or 2:1. Your banner should look like text and compel the user to take action and click it right away. Banner exchange programs have an option to pick up banner impressions at very low prices. you might use this to put your ventures in front of many customers. But be aware that it often takes many thousands of impressions to make a sale.

7. Send a press release about your company. Content for the release can be about achievements of the company or its personnel, but keep in mind that a press release is not a sales pitch. There are several free press release sites on the internet.

8. Visit blogs and Forums related to your website and leave good information and comments related to the discussion. be sure to have your website listed in your signature.

9. Have your signature (containing your web portal URL) in all of your outgoing email. How sometimes do you email friends, family, co-workers? You never know who might be keen on what your sites has to offer.

Techniques That May Cost

10. Link Exchanges are a fantastic way to increase web site traffic, with several advantages. Traffic from the web site you are getting a reciprocal link from and google traffic. There are places that charge to use their system to make contact with other webmasters to exchange links but, you can also search out those webmasters and make you own request. be sure to periodically change your keyword phrases that you use in your link exchanges.

Some would say that this is a dying technique, but I currently have a web portal that receives over 100 visitors per day and I have done nothing other than link exchanges. Not even any on site SEO of any kind.

11. Pay-Per-Click campaigns are offered by all major search engines and can range from .01 per click to several dollars per click. This is a form of traffic that has the potential of being very costly if you don’t know what you are doing.

12. Offer something for free or rather low cost. This may draw many visitors but, it may also have the possibility of drawing only the “freebee” seekers. These may not be the visitors that you want to target.

13. Web 2.0 offers multiple new methods to increase web presence traffic by using videos, such as YouTube and google Video. These are websites that empower you to store and share your videos. you might place a URL in your video as well as invite your “friends” to watch your video from your website.

14. Social Bookmarking is another relatively new way to get exposure to your website. Allow your visitors to bookmark your website, which in turn will increase the popularity of your web portal and increase your exposure within that bookmark site. Which leads to more visitors.

15. Classified and other ad sites. Do you have something to sell? Can you write a very significant ad and headline? You never know until you experiment with. There are thousands of people searching these websites daily.

16. Many web sites offer free web directories. You can submit your websites to hundreds of free web directories. make sure to put your site information in the correct category and watch how many one-way links your website will receive.

Users of search engine, MSN, Yahoo or any other search engines, use keyword phrases to perform their searches. it is your job to learn which keyword phrases are most relevant to your web page and use those in all the above techniques.


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