How to Buy and Sell Web Sites on Flippa

If you ever wanted to buy or sell a web site or blog? there is only one place that should be on your mind, and that is Flippa.

Flippa was created from the founders of the astonishingly acomplished SitePoint webmaster forum. back in the day webmasters would chat about everything from web coding to digital artworking, then the concept for buying and selling sites came up. Eventually the trend caught on and there were a lot of people billing their web portals for sale on SitePoint. In 2009 Flippa was created to focus solely on site transactions, and automatically became the largest online marketing place for purchasing and selling websites.

Since the creation of Flippa, the online auction market place has just been exploding in size. check out these statistics to give a better example of the power and numbers being driven by Flippa.

– There are currently over 90,000 users on Flipping, buying and selling sites and blogs.

– At any given point during the day, there are over 1,000 active buyers and sellers searching through Flippa’s market place and auctions.

– With over 150,000 bids being placed and almost 20,000 web presences sold, Flippa has pushed over $50 million in online site sales.

– Flippa is currently ranked a top 1,000 website by Alexa, and ranking higher with more exposure and word of mouth recommendations to the site.

– Flippa was created by the founders of SitePoint, which have also created a family of well known web start-ups that includes 99designs, Learnable and SitePoint Market.

Through the community that was already established at SitePoint, Flippa has immediatly become the go to web site for buying and selling sites. The Flippa community is not only strong, but very proud of what the market place has become today. Like eBay, Flippa has a trust systems where members can leave feedback for other members and also has a point systems based on feedback and positive/negative account history. These types of benefits are what has helped Flippa advance against the competition in the online property buying and selling space.

It doesn’t matter if you are an internet marketer, freelance writer or full time site flipper… Flippa has something for everyone. The majority of users on Flippa are not actively flipping web portals, but are on the look out for potential steals and new ideas on how to monetize their existing sites and just browsing around.


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