Move Over Google

How superb would it be to go back in time?

Using the knowledge you have today, you could invent things before they have been invented, write things before they have been written, and create things before they have been created.

You could become a millionaire overnight.

How great would it be to go back six years and advertise your business on search engine!?

Far less competition and you could deploy marketing techniques unheard of for the time. Your ads would be infinitely more targeted, way more inventory, convert better, and cost far less than search engine AdWords do today.

Today, you have four options to choose from.

See if you can spot the best one:

1. Hire an SEO specialist. For around $2000, you can assign the services of an web portal marketing ‘specialist’. For this costly figure, the expert will fill your site with keywords and eventually help to fire your web portal up to the top page of search engine.

2. Manual Labour Traffic. This is just as it sounds. a lot of work, a lot of commitment. Through article marketing, blogging, press releases, social media, podcasting, video marketing etc, you can help fire yourself to the top of google. This can be a long, sometimes unrewarding challenge.

3. Do nothing – in which case you’re just someone in a suit, sitting in an office, hoping for the best. Good luck with that.

4. You can go back in time. More or less. How? Facebook.

Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads are the single most bankable source of traffic on the web today. google admits this. search engine even fears this. Facebook is a genuine competitor of search engine.

With an awesome 39 billion page views every month, your adverts on Facebook are infinitely more targeted, way more inventory, convert better and cost far less than google AdWords.

Now is the time to market your business on Facebook. Facebook currently has only 1/20th of the advertisers that google has.

What’s more, Facebook ads are easy to use and set-up, affordable and ultra targeted like you won’t believe.

Think about all of the information that people provide Facebook with. Age, sex, hobbies, location, education, interests etc etc etc. Facebook ads work for practically ANY market.

With the quick set-up page for Facebook ads, you create your own advert in seconds, and within just a few more seconds, you can actively target your advert to ultra specific targeted prospects. You can select the age group, location, education etc of who you need to target, and Facebook even tells you how probably the vast majority of people will have access to your advert.

it is like being back on search engine six years ago.


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