I’d Rather Be Fishing

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push({}); More and more people are leaving unsatisfying careers to follow their passions and begin new, more meaningful lives.
Imagine fishing in Colorado and giving lessons for the rest of your working life.
There’s more to it than lessons, knowing how to cast and where to fish.

A good guide school will place an emphasis on safety and how to handle emergency situations with both the boat and the clients while fishing in Colorado.
Fishing guide school should provide potential guides with a thorough knowledge of how to handle unanticipated health and safety emergencies with clients, and how to make rescues.
Ample time should be devoted to maneuvering a boat through the river with variable currents.
Guides should be trained in responding to boating emergencies, and should spend substantial time practicing in Colorado on the water.
Look for instruction in knots, entomology, different kinds of setups, netting, and proper catch release should all be included in lessons.

In addition to safety measures and fishing techniques, your guide school should teach aspects of professionalism that will enhance your business.
Training should also include client relations, and managing expectations of clients while fishing in Colorado, based on their skills.
You should have completed the minimum state requirements to become a guide.


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